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Hello and welcome to my website, which covers the good and bad effects of drugs that affect the brain (neuro-pharmacology), and especially drug interactions.

I am an internationally acknowledged authority on the drug interaction called Serotonin Toxicity (ST), aka Serotonin Syndrome (SS), that requires me to be also expert in drug toxicity, and adverse reactions and interactions involving drugs that affect the nervous system, especially: MAOIs, TCAs, SSRIs and SNRIs.

The site is all written and funded by me: I am Dr Ken Gillman (P. K. Gillman), a ‘Clinical Neuro-pharmacologist’ and a retired clinical psychiatrist: I live in Tropical North Queensland, on the beach, latitude -21.026405 to be exact (GMT +9). That is in the Southern hemisphere, a continent called Australia (I have ceased to be surprised by the number of people who do not know that, ‘You’re fired’),

I may be contacted via email, see menu on L, and via Skype,

I have published many scientific review papers about neuro-pharmacology in prestigious journals. Details are in my ‘Google Scholar’ profile which is public & in the ‘Publications’ menu:
Am I a Professor? Well my ‘H-index’ is higher than most professors.


This web site provides free information and expert critical analysis on many aspects of neuro-pharmacology. Such analysis illustrates that drugs do not necessarily do what pharmaceutical companies claim they do. So, there is much information about the influences that distort and degrade the accuracy and standard of much of the science that we read (see menu ‘Bias in science’).

There is a little more information in ‘Philosophy and motivation’ about the website. But most important, if you think the information is good then do all you can to spread the word in forums, tweets, blogs, whatever!

Feedback is important. I encourage anyone with questions and comments to contact me.

PsychoTropical is entirely dependent on donations to function. If you have gained useful value from this, then you should consider a donation. Visit the Donate page.

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