Enquiries: Text, voice, and video communications

Current local time in Mackay, Queensland, Australia

I am retired, my availability is unpredictable: you cannot rely on me for urgent advice or response. I do not allocate appointments — it is a case of ‘catch me when you can’.  Good times are typically 7 am to 10 am, and 4pm to 7 pm, sometimes including weekends. Check the clock above for the current time.

If you can follow the suggestions and guidelines below that would be helpful for me.

When you ring not let it keep ringing more than five times, leave a message saying for how long you will be available, so that I know whether to try and ring you back when I am free.  Inform me of your time zone (you can put your time zone into your Skype profile).

Please read the ‘Pre-call’ checklist below, before ringing.

My difficulty with keyboard work means it is easier for me to explain things via voice apps like Skype — especially because there is rarely such a thing as a simple quick question.  There are various other platforms available, Skype works best for me but Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc, may be possible.

If you do not understand how to use these platforms it is no good asking me to help.  Perhaps do a best call with somebody else first so you make the best use of whatever time I make available for you.



Please try to be in a quiet room with minimal background noise and do not talk whilst walking around with a mobile device; I do not want to be looking up your nose, nor getting seasick as you wave it around. 

You do not have to use a camera; if you do then place it securely at face height.  Ensure there is not a bright light behind you.

It may help to read the relevant sections on my website (and look at my videos), your question may already have been answered. You can use the search facility to search for particular words, text strings, etc.

You can email me here, it is best to send brief background information via email, identified with your name — emails get seen, Skype text messages may be lost (unless they are sent during a call).  It helps if emails have a name, location, and time zone.

You can use Skype just like texting, you do not have to use sound or vision.  Those with depression may be disinclined to interact — but it allows me to talk and explain things.

There is no charge for information or calls.  Those who are financial may choose make donation of $100 dollars or so in recognition of Dr Gillman’s knowledge and expertise (more wealthy individuals may consider larger donations) and to help with the costs associated with hardware and software that drives the website.

Usually, the most valuable information I need is what drugs have you taken, in what dose, and for how long, and which of them did, or did not, do you harm or good.

Whatever information you receive from me, and what you may wish to do because of it, may be discussed and agreed with the responsible prescriber of your medication (who is welcome to contact me if they wish).


Pre-call Checklist

  • Have you checked with the time zone to make sure you’re ringing at an appropriate time?
  • If I do not answer quickly, it means I am busy, so do not let it ring more than 5 times.  Hang up and send a skype text message saying for how much longer you will be available, then I know whether to ring back once I am free.
  • It helps to identify yourself in a way which enables me to know which email correspondence matches which Skype call.
  • It helps to know how to open the text messaging window and know how to accept files sent via Skype etc.
  • It helps if you are clear in your mind as to exactly what you want to ask me.
  • It helps to know the names (real names, not brand names) and doses of the drugs you are currently taking and for how long you have been taking them.

Make sure you have Skype Desktop downloaded, which you can find here: https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype/

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Dr Ken Gillman