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If you’d like to contact me by email with any questions please email me here

A note about Skype.

To avoid long email replies that are difficult for me to type, because of my disability, I use Skype.

Skype name — ‘kengillman’

Skype can be used just as an instant-message-medium, for those who do not want sound and vision — but it allows me talk, and explain sometimes complex ideas. It helps me to explain things better if I have some idea of the inquirers level and type of education and knowledge.

I do not charge for information, but most people offer a donation of around $100 dollars to help with the not insignificant costs associated with the website.

Skype allows instant transfer of links, files etc. which is very useful.

It is a free download for desktop or mobile. Download Skype

You must first send a ‘contact request’ which includes a message identifying yourself by real name and location (so I don’t block you because I assume it is a scam). Example ‘My name is John Smith and I am seeking medical information: I recently emailed you using the name johnyboy123’.

I do not give information to anonymous enquirers.

If you fill in your Skype profile, that gives your time zone and other verifying information.

Once I accept your ‘contact request’ you can ‘see’ if I am online, you can send a text message first, or just try ringing.

Also note
I do not have a secretary or assistant, so emails sent days previously may well be lost or forgotten. It is therefore useful to send a brief resume and/or list of questions when, or just before, contacting me, preferably via email.

I do not keep notes and records of conversations, therefore if you contact me subsequently it may be useful for you to keep a record of any previous discussion. Obviously, I cannot undertake to be available at short notice, you should always have a healthcare provider locally to whom you can refer to for emergencies or urgent advice.

Make sure your emails have a proper name and ‘signature’ so they are identifiable. If the email name is different to the skype name I have no idea of who is who.

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