Small private sale of Persian carpets

Family circumstances dictate that a proportion of a modest collection of Persian carpets needs to be passed on to new owners.

Some of these carpets will stay in the family, but a proportion need to be sold to finalise family affairs.

The collection consists of a variety of town and tribal pieces, both ‘antique’ and new, some modest, like poshties worth just $100 or so, to small tribal carpets worth only a few hundred, and some larger finer examples. All are in excellent condition, clean and unmarked.

The collection needs to be sorted out by the end of 2017, so the best offer by that date will be the new owner.

For anyone who doesn't know much about Persian carpets it's worth knowing that their value is lower now than it has been for quite some time and it really is easy to pick up delightful pieces for modest price (like cheaper than a quality new machine made commercial carpet - it’s a topsy-turvy world). Anyone who's bought things like this for an ‘investment’, rather than because they love them – easy to do, is in for a severe disappointment of GFC-dwarfing proportions. So now is a good time to be adventurous.

I will post some pictures when I get organised, but if you are interested, get in early and contact me directly through the website giving me an indication of what size pieces you might want to consider so I can send some photographs. Sizes range from ‘posties’ of 100 x 80 cms, small rugs of 160 x 120 and some ‘carpets of 300 x 200 (e.g. a 70 raj Tabriz of 310 x 205).